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Dream Training

Dream Training: A workbook for the developing child to achieve their dreams was written by Colin Gilmartin, a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor based in New Orleans.

I met Colin in 2012 in Ireland on the Napoleon Hill Leader Certification trip to Belle Isle.

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Dream Training was designed for the young person who wants to achieve something in their life. If you have a dream, you need to protect it.

This book shows you how the "greats" of this country have gone about achieving their full potential. Carnegie, Ford, Edison, Booker T Washington, Jobs as well as modern athletes and musicians have all risen to the pinnacle of their respective fields by taking control of their minds, embracing their dream and directing it to a specific purpose.

This workbook allows the young person a step by step approach to achieving the impossible. Dream Training not only guides but inspires.

  1. How would you describe this book to someone who hasn’t read it?  Dream Training is a step by step guide for kids to use as a tool by which to achieve their goals and dreams. By using examples of modern professionals, athletes, rock stars, teachers, philosophers, business magnets and those who move humanity forward, I illustrate how developing Self Confidence, surrounding yourself with Inspirational Advisors, learning Self Control as well as having a Positive Mental attitude (among other things) can lead a child to reaching his or her full potential and achieving greatness.
  1. What inspired me to write this book?  While growing up I found out through much temporary defeat, what didn’t work, contribute or foster success.  It then took me 20 years to organize, classify and finally create a learning tool for all young people to become great. In the latter part of these years, I met a woman and discovered that we shared a love for inspiring children to be great. I fell in love with her and tragically, she died in a car accident.  I wanted her daughter and all young people to have a message of hope, love and greatness.
  1. Is the book a result of events in your own life?  In a sense it was, it is and will continue to be about my life. Based on my learning, love of children and community, I felt like there was a gap in our support system of kids.  As a soccer coach, I saw the need to provide tools to these kids that support them in becoming successful in whatever they choose to do. I wrote Dream Training as if anyone could go back to being 8 years old and read the most important book of their life, a road map to success.
  1. Who is this book for?  It’s for the developing child (10+ years in age) and anyone who plays an important role in the life of that young person.  Parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, ministers, educators, decision makers in the community and agents of change.
  1. How can our communities benefit from what you’ve written? I believe given the right set of tools and support, young people will develop self respect and drive.  Turning out thoughtful, confident and driven kids will support our communities from an economic and humanitarian standpoint. Well adjusted young people will contribute back to their own communities as they grow, versus, becoming a challenge for their community.
  1. What research/insight is behind this book? I studied Criminal Justice and Psychology as an undergrad.  I worked in the soccer business for a while until I went back to grad school for business.  I recently finished the Napoleon Hill Foundations Leadership program.  It was during this intense study that I was able to put the pieces to Dream Training together.  Napoleon Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie in 1906 to research what made people successful.  Dr. Hill’s philosophy of individual achievement was my starting point for this vision.  Add in “7 modern greats” , lots of inspirational rock music and a message of hope and faith and you get “Dream Training.  
"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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