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Element Crossfit owner Alex Cibiri on Journey To Success Radio

Element Crossfit owner and International Bestselling author, Alex Cibiri was interviewed by Diana Dentinger for Journey To Success Radio

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about element crossfit's alex cibiri


Element CrossFit is the oldest and longest-standing CrossFit box in the area and was founded with the belief fitness should be for everyone, not just the elite. #fitnessforall

Our knowledgeable and experienced full-time coaching team is completely dedicated to helping you reach your goals in a remarkable training environment.

We’re always learning and continuing to evolve our approaches as new information comes out in the fitness world. We want to know more than the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ we want to know how to apply all the knowledge we have to create a fitness program that not only provides consistent progress and well planned workouts but also excites our members everyday.

At our core is a community that is unlike any other, we sweat together and we celebrate together all while having a whole lot of fun.

Alex Cibiri was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and is passionate about improving the lives of those around him through an uncannily relatable approach to health and wellness. His experiences working with the YMCA of Greater Toronto, and as his past as CIS athlete, he found himself is inexplicably and continually drawn to strategic and creative roles that overlapped his passion for health, wellness and fitness. 

When the opportunity to bring a unique fitness opportunity to his community presented itself he knew he had to take it. An accomplished community builder his vision is to impact the lives of those around him in ways that reach far beyond the walls of his gyms. 

journeys to success: the health, wellness, and Fitness edition

Welcome to Volume 6!
Here is the follow-up to volumes 1 - 5 in the Journeys To Success series; The Health, Wellness and Fitness Edition. 19 real-life stories written by everyday professional men and women in the healthcare industry who took life by the horns, and transformed everything! 

Based on The Success Principles of The Late Napoleon Hill. 
From medical doctors, to fitness fanatics, and even mental health advocates, the stories contained in this version of JTS will leave you on the edge of your seat as each author shares their experiences of endurance and transformation, using one of the 17 Principles of Success from Napoleon Hill. If you love stories of defying the odds, this book is for you. 

Over the past 80 years, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich has been one of the Top 10 Bestselling Non-Fiction Books of all time, with over 100 million copies sold in various formats including ebooks, hardback and paperback, apps and audio books. Next to the Bible, no other book comes close.

The Journeys to Success series has become a household favorite across the country, and we believe it will become your favorite as well. Pick up a copy of each for a friend or family member in your life. They will thank you for it.