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Ezzy Lynn Scrunchies to Benefit World Wildlife Fund Canada

Ezzy Lynn is a business that sells scrunchies to benefit the World Wildlife Fund Canada. I interviewed the Founders for my Journey To Success Radio.

Joining me as the co-host for the interview was Peter Goral, VP Business Development for TechBlocks. TechBlocks is a Technology Consultant based in Toronto, Ontario.

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About Ezzy Lynn

The 3 ladies behind the business create hair accessories that save endangered animals!

Co-founders Sonja, Sam and Bia launched the brand this past summer and are hand crafting all items within Ontario. The line they’re most enthused about is their hair scrunchie collection. Ezzy Lynn has over 20 different hair scrunchies on and each design is inspired by a different endangered animal. Once the ladies sell 25 scrunchies of a particular design, they symbolically adopt that animal through the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

They have made 20 animal adoptions since launching the brand in May and the team hopes to significantly increase their impact now that holiday shopping has started. 

Wildlife conservation is so important and together we can have a big impact. 

The question is, are you an Ezzy or a Lynn?

Ezzy lives a compassionate, free spirited lifestyle: she buys her groceries at a farmer’s market, wears vintage clothing, isn’t afraid to go barefoot and loves hot yoga. Ezzy adores wild cats, shopping online and attending music festivals. 

Ezzy's picks: River Otter, Grey Wolf and Elephant.

Lynn values her sophisticated regimen: she works in a corporate environment, wears expensive perfume, exclusively eats clean and never misses pilates. Lynn shops high-end, is well networked and loves her pet cat.  

Both ladies appreciate the 'details' and unite over one product: the scrunchie.

Lynn's picks: Sea Horse, Gorilla and Hippo. 

They use Shopify, an Ottawa based business, for their e-commerce needs. This is a technology that TechBlocks also recommends to their clients and works with.

After an exciting first quarter, they have symbolically adopted the following endangered species:

Tiger x 3

Amur Leopard x 2

Giant Panda x 2

Gorilla x 2

Grey Wolf x 2

Orca x 2

River Otter x 2

Dolphin x 1

Great White Shark x 1

Hippopotamus x 1

Kangaroo x 1

Polar Bear x 1

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