2012 Walk To Fight Arthritis in Mississauga

The 2012 Walk To Fight Arthritis held in Mississauga was a great success. Below is an email from Lorna Catrambone from The Arthritis Society office in Peel with details about the results.

Summary from Lorna Catrambone

What a fantastic day it was. There were so many good things happening it’s hard to select the highlights but to me the incredible number of walkers was truly amazing. While it’s hard to know exactly how many people were there, I reported 260, however I believe there were more. I’m looking over waiver forms today to sort out how many people came out who hadn’t registered. I’ll get a final count from our caterer too, which will help.

Also amazing is the fact that we have raised over $52,000 in pledges so far. Online fundraising continues, and the site is open for about a month after the event, so that number will continue to climb. Add to this the $5200 in sponsorship, and we are at over $57,000!!

Nationally they are reporting 8000 walkers and $1.6million raised!

Another highlight was our amazing volunteers. We had nearly 40 people on hand to help yesterday which made the day run very smoothly. A HUGE thanks to Amanda for her efforts to coordinate those volunteers. She did an amazing job!

We had 1 MPP (Bob Delaney), Mayor Hazel and 2 city councillors attend our walk this year, significantly higher than in the past. I believe this is a sign of our increasing impact in the community, and something we can continue to leverage in years to come.

Pictures and Videos

Mayor Hazel McCallion welcoming everyone

Mississauga Councillor Ron Starr

Mississauga Councillor Chris Fonseca

Walk To Fight Arthritis