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fixing chronic behaviour by Alex Cibiri

Fixing chronic behaviour, whether it’s finances or health or nutrition or the size of your laundry pile is very difficult according to Alex Cibiri, of Element Crossfit 

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Whether it’s finances or health or nutrition or the size of your laundry pile. All these things are in their current state because your current default way of being isn’t giving you the results you’d like to see in those areas of your life. Change needs to happen and it’s not a one time thing.

Now to be clear, I’m not trying to tell you what to prioritize in life.

It’s been said that our individuality as humans can be almost entirely narrowed down to the choices we make. I’ve also heard the argument that we are just the sum of our choices and decision making patterns.

How and what you prioritize is completely up to you. But mistaking something that needs fixing with something that needs changing is a mistake I think many of us make repeatedly.

A fix is always appealing because it absolves you of responsibility for the outcome (if it doesn’t work it’s the fixes fault) and the perceived pain of change (this isn’t going to hurt much it’s basically figured out for me). 

That being said there are times when a fix is actually ideal. 

Take for example your car has a flat tire. You can go buy the tools, go to mechanic school and try to fix it yourself.

Or you can go pay your local mechanic or dealership to fix it for you. 

Both options get the job done. One is quicker than the other. 

Fixes work great for acute problems and issues. Things that have a low occurrence rate. Things that are largely out of your control. 

Flat Tire.

Strep Throat.

Broken Arm.

Go to the person, pay them money, get the fix. Be on your way.

Fixes, however, don’t work great for systemic or chronic issues. Things that have a high occurrence rate. Things that are largely in your control.

Examples of systemic / chronic issues that people often attempt to ‘fix’ quickly:

Eliminating debt.

Losing weight.

Getting your cholesterol down.

Keeping your house clean. 

In those things there is one thing to fix. These are symptoms of a problem that has many causes. There was no one singular inflection point that caused any of these things to happen, so there is no one thing to fix. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a bullshitter that you shouldn’t trust with your money/children/dogs etc.

Reading one book won’t get you out of debt.

Buying a step counter won’t make you walk 10k steps a day.

A 21 day bootcamp won’t get you the results your friend who goes to the gym 6 days a week for the last 10 years has.

Your 30 day elimination diet & cleans won’t get you to your goal weight.

Buying a swiffer won’t make you enjoy cleaning your floors.

All those things can be valid steps or tools you might use along the way... but none of those things are in fact solutions. The problem is they’re packaged as such more often than not.

Marketing tells us change should be easy. Change requires this new product. Buy this and it’ll be better. It’ll be easier. It’ll be painless. Because that’s what we want to hear. 

They never tell us - you’re going to have to do something differently. Because that’s NOT what we want to hear and that doesn’t require us buying their thing.

Systemic problems require systemic ‘lifestyle change’ type solutions. You will have to change your life along the way. That’s often the thing that holds most people back. They want the results they so desperately crave, but they don’t want to change anything they’re doing right now.

They see change as difficult. Painful. Not sustainable. 

Everyone wants to cram for the exam. No one wants to actually show up to class and pay attention and do the homework.

The thing is if you start the journey - just by putting your head down and one foot in front of the other for long enough. One day, sooner than you think, future you will lift their head up and look back on how far you’ve come, but when you look back you won’t miss it. You will indeed be different.

You will have different spending habits. Different health habits. Different fitness and eating and cleaning habits. 

Despite what the commercials show you, only psychopaths truly love cleaning their floor EVERY day of the week - swiffer sweeper or regular broom - everyone else does it because it’s just another habit. It’s just the way they are. It’s their normal. It’s not good or bad. It just is.

You’ll always have the option of going back to the way things are now. But ironically future you won’t want to.

It’s not being on the mountain top that does the changing, it is in fact the climb.

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