Found Money by Steve Wilkinghoff Can Save a Business Owners Life

Found Money by Steve Wilkinghoff is a must read for business owners who need to save time and energy and who would like to be able to analyze and predict their future business results and direction.

Since I worked for 4 years for Carpedia International, a prestigious management consulting company, I recognized the value of the analysis and ratios. This is not a theory book so it requires a pen and paper beside you to get the most value from it.This is a business management book that gives you the information that the top management consulting companies in the world use to implement changes in businesses of all types and sizes around the world.

It is so easy for business owners to be extremely busy and to work long hours. However, if you are spending time on customers with low prices and low margins, you may be better of spending time with high margin, more valuable customers. Found Money helps you to analyze your business so that you know what to do with your time and who to invest your time into.

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Product Description

A fresh perspective on what it takes to run a moneymaking small business.

If you're a small business owner, you probably started out with a great idea, an entrepreneurial dream, and the willingness to work as hard as you have to. You're up-and-running, your products and services are selling, and you are working as hard as you can. But where do you go from here? How do you get there? And how can you be sure your business will make you money now and for the long term?

Found Money presents a new and powerful approach to small-business success. It helps you figure out, instantly, whether your business is on-track or flying off the rails (and how to correct it if it is flying off the rails). Not only does it help you understand how your business makes you money, but how to control that process as well. It offers accessible, easy-to-use tools and tactics to help you understand the links between what happens in your small business and the financial results you achieve so you can proactively create the financial results you want.

• Helps you maximize the money your small business makes by showing you where additional profit and cash flow is hiding right now in your business • Steve Wilkinghoff is an accountant and consultant who helps businesses reach their full, money-making potential • Foreword by Michael Gerber, preeminent small business guru

If you own your own small business but don't know how to take control of the financial results it gives you, Found Money hands you the strategies, tactics and tools you need to take control, and direct and maximize the money-making process.

From the Inside Flap

If you're a small business owner, you're working hard and trying to do the right things while hoping that somehow your business will make enough money. But that approach puts your business in control of you and your life. You end up working too hard, laying it all on the line, and hoping to make just enough money to survive.

But it absolutely does not have to be that way. You should be the one in control of your business and the financial results it creates. You should decide how much money you want from your business and then create your business to fulfill that vision—to become a thriving and sustainable vehicle for your dream lifestyle.

But how do you get that kind of control? Where do you start? Found Money shows you how to get control, create specific financial results, decide what you want from your business, and then take specific steps to get there. Even if your business is doing well, it could still do better. Found Money shows you the connections between what happens in your business on a daily basis and the financial results it creates in the long term. With the proven and effective strategies, tactics, and tools inside, you'll have the power to take control over your business and proactively create the financial results you want, using key elements such as:

The Triple Overlap—the three things your business, every product, every service, and every customer must have in order for your business to actually make money

Customer Profitability Mapping—a unique graphic method that instantly shows you which customers to focus on.

Found Money Breakeven—you must decide what financial result you want from your business and then reverse engineer that specific result to pinpoint the number, type, and characteristics of the customers, products, and services that will take you there

Pricing Bootcamp—it's essential that you learn the process of Pricing on Purpose and boldly determine the prices you must demand in your marketplace and why.

Quick-Failing—Found Money gives you the tools and encouragement to test new ideas and assess their impact on your financial results before making any major changes.

In addition to these five elements, Found Money shows you how to quickly gauge the financial performance of your small business—whether it's right on track or running off the rails—giving you the tools you need to chart a course to long-term sustainability and profitability.

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