Napoleon Hill Foundation Keys To Success Workbook

When I participated in The Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification training in Ireland in 2010, I received this Keys To Success literature as part of the course materials. I really enjoyed the information and format and hope you do as well.

I would recommend that you consider taking the Napoleon Hill Foundation PMA Science of Success online course.

After you have completed the course, you may want to also cnsider becoming a Certified Instructor. The credibility this you in any business situation worth the time, effort and money required for the course.

Scott Spanbauer, CEO of LeadCrafting, participated in the Leader Certification training in 2010 with me. Here is what he wrote about the course.

Lifelong Success

By: Scott Spanbauer

I started reading Success Through a Positive

Mental Attitude when I was 16 and over the years I've read all of Napoleon Hill's books. The

Science of Success philosophy helps me set

goals and creates the belief system in me that

I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

In reading these books I learned the importance of

maintaining a positive mental attitude and that

my attitude was the biggest factor in my

personal success.

As I grew older I began to face the many challenges

that life throws at us. Although I had more than

my fair share of success, I've also had some major

challenges (at least from my perspective). It's

been at times like these that I've gone back and

re-read some of the books to help me reset my direction.

It's so easy to drift off course by these daily

challenges and often times I felt alone when I was

trying to rediscover my path.

Years later I discovered the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

In 2008 I decided to invest in the self-study

program with the hope that I would learn even

more than I had on my own. I was also hoping to

gain different perspectives on the materials and

to meet some new people who understood the

Science of Success even better than I did. Boy

did my investment pay off!

The Science of Success program gave me a more in-depth

understanding of the writings of Napoleon Hill.

The workbooks were full of stories and examples that

helped illuminate many of the concepts that I had

read earlier in the books that I already owned.

Each chapter ended with a summarized section of

important concepts to remember and then a multiple

choice quiz to help me review what I learned.

I especially enjoyed the live recordings

from the Science of Success class taught by Napoleon Hill.

These recordings are different because you can

hear the inflection of his voice and this gives

some words greater importance when compared to

just reading the text. Also, the conversations

that he has with students are available nowhere

else that I'm aware of.

I also gained access to a community of people

who help me continue to learn. The folks at the

Napoleon Hill Foundation are invaluable for helping

to point me in the right direction when I'm looking

for an answer. They're also able to direct me towards

resources that I didn't even know exist such as

books, articles, and people. Besides the people at

the Foundation are hundreds of others who are

affiliated in one capacity or another. Plugging into

this powerful network of people from all over the world

is priceless.

As a result of my studies I've adapted the Science

of Success philosophy to help me manage my goals and

attitudes. I know that attitudes are critical to my

short term and long term success and one day it

dawned upon me that a majority of the 17 Success

Principles are attitudes or beliefs. I call these

attitudes "Rich Attitudes" and this helps me to

remember that I need to focus on:

• A balanced set of goals that include family, spiritual, professional, financial, and personal development goals.

• Reminding me to take action. Achievement just doesn't happen by itself, it requires action, commitment and time.

• Being thankful for my blessings.

We all live in an amazing point in history and we

can be thankful for so many different things.

Blessings include things such as my family but

also cover other things such as talents, helping,

and providing a supportive role in my community.

Helping other people provides benefits for both


The Science of Success course is well worth the

investment of time and money. The materials are

available nowhere else and go beyond the basic

information covered in Napoleon Hill's many books.

The workbooks and audio programs allow the student

to go in-depth to examine and understand this powerful

life philosophy.

Scott Spanbauer is CEO of LeadCrafting which provides

marketing and sales training programs. Scott is a

Certified Leader with the Napoleon Hill Foundation

and frequently speaks on the Science of Success

philosophy. Scott is married with three children

and spends his free time volunteering in youth

sports as a coach and league board member.

To contact Scott please email him at

Napoleon Hill Foundation Keys To Success