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gina best co-owner of mortgage alliance west and intentional success on journey to success radio

Gina Best is an award winning mortgage broker and Co-Founder of Intentional Success. She has been trained and Certified by people like Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI and Dov Baron. I have interviewed Dov Baron and will be interviewing Ivan Misner.

I interviewed Gina for Journey To Success Radio. 

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about gina best

Since starting her career as a mortgage broker in 2003, Gina Best and her team have built one of largest brokerages in Western Canada, Mortgage Alliance West. Early into her career, Gina had the opportunity to participate in the original Certified Networker Program, offered by the Referral Institute. It was in that course that she learned how to develop and execute a strategy using Referral Marketing, which she immediately began to incorporate into her business model. As of January 2015 the results speak for themselves, Mortgage Alliance West closed over $100 million in mortgages for its clients.

In 2013, after much reflection Gina finally realized her calling. By drawing upon her practical business experience and knowledge, learning new coaching and leadership skills, she could actually help others achieve their own success stories. Never being one to delay anything, Gina jumped in with both feet to become certified by well known leaders such as Janet-Bray Attwood (The Passion Test), Mike Macedonio & Ivan Misner (The Referral Institute & BNI), & Dov Baron (Authentic Speakers Academy for Leadership).

Along with a new business partner, Mike Dreher, Gina created Intentional Success Inc., which offers training, coaching and consulting to help people achieve amazing businesses and specular lives. By helping their clients to become clear about what they truly want, and guiding them to discover the freedom to build the success they choose – Intentional Success Inc. is building a supportive and creative community of leaders. These individuals have integrity at their core - and together they are thriving, supporting and inspiring others, creating a ripple effect that impacts everyone around them.

referral institute

Intentional Success Inc is proud to be the sole provider of Referral Institute material in Canada. We provide relevant referral marketing instruction, continuous support and compassionate consulting to develop unified personal networks. In so doing we create communities of like minded, successful entrepreneurs who generate amazing businesses and aspire to a spectacular life!

•Harness the power of referral marketing to drive sales
•Achieve predictable, sustainable business referrals
•Stop cold calling, and work closer with better clients 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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