Jeffrey Gitomer Seminar in London and Toronto Ontario

Jeffrey Gitomer, the most popular sales trainer in the world is coming to London, ON and Toronto, ON to conduct seminars.

Jeffrey has been awarded the very rare and special CPAE (Counsel of Peers Award for Excellence) award from the National Speakers Association and has been inducted into their Hall of Fame. To date, only 191 speakers have been inducted including Ronald Reagan, Art Linkletter, Colin Powell, Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar.

Jeffrey’s book ‘Little Red Book of Selling’ has sold over one million copies, making it the best-selling sales book of all time.

Jeffrey’s websites and generate over 100,000 hits weekly.

Jeffrey's weekly e-zine, Sales Caffeine, is a sales wake-up call delivered every Tuesday morning to more than 500,000 subscribers, free of charge. Sales Caffeine allows Jeffrey to communicate valuable sales information, strategies, and answers to sales professionals on a timely basis. You can subscribe at

Jeffrey is also a supporter of The Napoleon Hill Foundation. He publishes their weekly ezine for them.

If you or anyone you know is involved in sales in any way, I highly recommend that you attend one of Jeffrey seminars. Visit his website for more details or contact Jordan DeVore at (704) 943-7999.

I also had the privilege of interviewing Jeffrey for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show and you can listen to the interview at the link below.

Gitomer Website

Listen to the Journey To Succes Interview with Jeffrey Gitomer here

Jeffrey is the author of The New York Times best sellers The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, The Little Black Book of Connections, and The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude. All of his books have been number one best sellers on, including Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless, The Patterson Principles of Selling, The Little Red Book of Sales Answers, The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way, The Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching!, The Little Teal Book of Trust, Social BOOM!, and The Little Book of Leadership. Jeffrey’s books have appeared on best-seller lists more than 850 times and have sold millions of copies worldwide.