Goal Achievers Canada Free Mastermind Breakfast

Join Goal Achievers Canada every third Saturday of the month downtown Toronto at 10AM for a FREE Breakfast Mastermind valued at $495 and receive a FREE copy of the upcoming book The Power of the Mastermind authored by Patrick Bizindavyi, President of Goal Achievers Canada and Barry Spillchuck the author of the Besteslling Cup of Soup For The Soul (A Chicken Soup For The Soul Book.

Bestselling Author Gerry Robert who has addressed over 3 million people speaks on the power of masterminding.

Patrick Bizindavyi, President of Goal Achievers Canada came to Canada 9 years ago with not even $20 to his name. Today, Patrick is the author of Journey Man’s Stories and currently co-authoring a book with Canada’s most successful bestselling author Barry Spillchuck who authored Cup of Soup for the Soul (A Chicken Soup book).

Patrick has influenced thousands of people as a radio host and personally coached over 350 people with one of the world’s most prominent self-development and training company. Patrick has also published articles for international publications and now Patrick’s vision is to influence tens of millions with his message as a speaker, author and President of Goal Achievers Canada.

GoalAchievers is an organization that enables and empowers individuals to turn their dreams into goals, and thus turn their goals into reality! It consists of a synergy of highly committed individuals who meet regularly in the spirit of unity, trust, and definiteness of purpose to share with one another their goals in the quest to help one another achieve their goals.

This brain trust is played out through a creative thinking process supported by feedback, encouragement, integrity, accountability, and the pooling of various resources GoalAchievers is derived from a deep and extensive research of history’s most accomplished individuals. It was formally introduced in the 1900’s by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich who described this process as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

The wonderfully, intriguing part of this process is the application of a powerful phenomena that Napoleon Hill observed, whereby as an, “invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

Goal Achievers Canada

MasterMind To Personal Power works with Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success and teaches people these principles when they join a MasterMind group.

The MasterMind groups work to help each member reach their goals and pursue their Definite Purpose, the most important of the 17 Principles of Success.

They work with a powerful curriculum, powerful facilitators and the POWER of the MasterMind.

Each member of the MasterMind group meets weekly for an hour. The lessons are short but complete and help prepare you to lead your own MasterMind group

If you would are interested in joining a MasterMind group, visit the link below for details.

MasterMind To Personal Power