Goal Achievers Radio Interview with Jack Black

Goal Achievers radio show on the BlogTalk radio network is the creation of Phil R. Taylor, author of Set Yourself On Fire!: How to Ignite Your Passions and Live the Life You Love!

I am a regular guest host on Phil's show and I had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Black.

Jack Black is the Founder and Course Director of MindStore International. In the 1980s, he was a social worker in the underprivileged East End of Glasgow. After seeing two colleagues destroy their health through the stress of work whilst only in their 40s, and then experiencing a similar collapse himself, he decided to discover how stress could be managed and personal development harnessed to allow people to fulfill their potential. MindStore was the culmination of his findings and now, Jack is recognized as one of the UK's leading authorities on personal development and is an internationally renowned keynote speaker.

Jack has taught "MindStore" to business leaders and many top entrepreneurs. Over half of the FTSE 100, the equivalent of the Fortune 100 in North America, companies are clients. World champions and teams from sport, entertainers and endless leaders and work forces from blue chip companies around the world have all benefited from his teachings.

Jack has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. He is regularly featured in magazines and national newspapers. Jack continues to work with international leaders in the field of performance coaching, creating leading edge approaches to organizational and personal development. Jack continues to be busy presenting on the international conference circuit.

Jack is also an author. His bestselling books are ‘MINDSTORE the Ultimate Mental Fitness Programme’ and ‘MINDSTORE for Personal Development'.

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