Goal Achievers radio Show Interview with Jim Cathcart

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Just a few days ago we had the enormous privilege of having Jim Cathcart on our newly launched Goal Achievers Radio Show.,..And what a delight it was, to just sit back and listen to Jim's incredible experience and insights on this topic!

With over 34 years of professional speaking around the world, Jim Cathcart is one of the best known and most award-winning motivational speakers in the business. He has delivered more than 2,700 presentations to audiences in every state of the US, most provinces of Canada and countries from Scotland to Singapore.

After hearing Earl Nightingale on the radio one day in 1972, Jim was inspired to change his life. While working as a government clerk in the Urban Renewal Agency he determined to learn psychology and master the process of self-improvement. Through years of fanatical dedication to this new quest he learned new skills, became a certified trainer for a variety of programs, read stacks of books, attended countless seminars and volunteered thousands of hours to civic organizations. In this process he moved from clerk, to manager, to leader, to trainer, to author and professional speaker.

Today he is listed in the professional Speaker Hall of Fame, is a recipient of the prestigious Golden Gavel Award (along with Earl Nightingale, Art Linkletter, Zig Ziglar and many others), has been the president of the National Speakers Association and received the Cavett Award for a lifetime of service. He has authored 15 books and scores of recorded programs. In 2007 he was listed as one of The Top 100 Minds on Personal Development by Leadership Excellence magazine. The San Diego chapter of the National Speakers Association renamed their member of the year award “The Jim Cathcart Service Award” and the Greater Los Angeles chapter gave Jim the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003. In 2008 he was inducted as one of the “Legends of the Speaking Profession.” And in 2010 & 2011 he was selected as one of the Top 5 Sales & Customer Service Speakers by Speaking.com in an online survey of over 14,000.

Jim Cathcart is an active motivational speaker and prolific author plus an executive coach to numerous high-achievers. In his personal time he plays Rock n Roll guitar in clubs, rides his motorcycle on the twistiest roads he can find and runs the trails of the mountains near his home at least twice each week. He’s a proud parent and grandparent and an active civic leader. He serves on the board of advisors to the Schools of Business at both California Lutheran University and Pepperdine University. His messages can be seen on DailySuccessStream.com and on TSTN.com.

This week on our Goal Achievers Discussion Group, Jim asks a very compelling question..."When you know you can succeed at most anything you seriously pursue, how do you motivate yourself to commit to a big new goal?"

As always we love to hear your thoughts!

Jim as always , thank you for enriching our group with your presence and much on going thanks to each one of you for making GoalAchievers on Linkedin an empowering forum of discussion and exchange for all!

Make it a Goal Achieving Week!

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Goal Achievers Radio Show Interviews Jim Cathcart