Goal Achievers Radio Interview with Good News Toronto Founder Eva Karpati

Goal Achievers Founder, Phil R. Taylor, interviewed Eva Karpati, Founder of Good News Toronto, for his radio show.

Eva Karpati was born in Budapest, Hungary.

As a young child, in 1957 she immigrated to Toronto, Canada with her parents and has lived here since. She went on to study at the University of Toronto and majored in Physical and Health Education.

She has been Married 25 years and is the proud mother of two wonderful kids!

In November 2001, was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a year of treatment.

In 2004 created a volunteer group making handmade quilts for people touched by cancer. The Group is still going strong and we have gifted just over 150 Angel Quilts.

Four year later, in February 2008, she embarked on an exciting new initiative that has positively and profoundly impacted the city of Toronto!

Driven by her desire to showcase the multitude of inspiring people in her city, Eva created a monthly not-for-profit newspaper, called good news Toronto, with goal of motivating the community to continue making Toronto rich in everyday heroes. Since its inception over 400 wonderful people have been featured.

The good news has been the number of exceptional people that have come forth to help with this project. Volunteer writers, photographers, board members, editorial consultants, and supporters have all validated that Toronto is an engaged community ready to participate in positive endeavors.

As a result ‘Good News Toronto’ is constantly growing and evolving.

In this inspiring interview Eva Karpati shares the various values, principles, mission and vision of this extraordinary movement!

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