Goal Achievers Radio Interview with Christina Chia

Goal Achievers Radio host Phil Taylor interviewed Christina Chia recently. Christina is the author of the book Mind Garden and the person responsible for the Napoleon Hill International Convention in Malaysia in March 2012. I will be speaking at the convention and the keynote speaker for the event is Deepak Chopra.

I first met Christina in Ireland when I participated in the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification course. Christina was there as a mentor and class leader. She is as kind and generous and fun as she is talented in everything she does.

Her book Mind Garden is a clear, concise, beautiful summary of Napoleon Hill's principles of success. She is known as the "Napoleon Hill of Malaysia".

Enjoy the interview.

Goal Achievers Radio

Christina Chia holds 2 Masters degrees — Master of Laws and Master of Business Administration. She is a Certified Instructor with training from the Napoleon Hill Foundation and the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center in the United States America.She has conducted various workshops through Napoleon Hill Associ-ates and, jointly with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, conducted cours-es in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and USA.

Also known as the "Napoleon Hill of Malaysia", Christina is an accom-plished speaker and motivator and has a flourishing legal practice. Recently, her first book Mind Garden was published to excellent and all-round accolades. Christina, however, does not intend to sit back and enjoy her achievements. She wants to ensure that other people also excel in all that they set out to achieve. She wants to inspire, motivate and educate, and as the founder of Napoleon Hill Associates (NHA), Christina has managed to successfully do all that, and much more.

Goal Achievers Radio Interview with Christina Chia