Goal Achievers Radio Interview with Goalscape Co-Founder Richard Parslow

Goal Achievers Radio is a BlogTalkRadio (BTR) station operated by Phil. R. Taylor. I am a frequent guest host on the show and had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Parslow, one of the Co-Founders of Goalscape.

The interview is set to air Friday February 10th from 1:00-1:45PM EST.

Goalscape is the revolutionary new way to set goals and motivate, prioritize and progress to achieve whatever you are passionate about. Unlike other program and project management software or task tracking tools, Goalscape is so easy and fun to use that goal setting becomes a quick everyday process: your goals themselves evolve as your personal goal setting skills improve. So you are better organized, more focused and less stressed! And it works equally well for business and personal goal setting.

Use Goalscape to define goals and plan activities when you run work projects and sports campaigns… even family activities. We originally developed this goal management software for ourselves: to set our goals in Olympic sports, in business and in our private lives. We believe that inspirational goals deserve the best goal management software conceivable. So download the free trial now and start experiencing the power of the world's only holistic goal management software.

Richard Parslow's resume includes:

Professional High Performance Sailing Coach (49er Class and others)• Coached 2 different teams to gold medals in World and European Championships and many Grade 1 regattas

In 2001 he was asked to coach the Team GBR Olympic 49er squad and enjoyed considerable success winning many international regattas and several World and European Championships. He still coaches and does occasional consulting work, along with his work with Goalscape.

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