Goal Achievers Radio Interviews Iqbal and Amy Atcha

Goal Achievers Radio host, the amazing Phil Taylor, interviewed Iqbal and Amy Atcha as part of a series of interviews with the scheduled speakers for the 2012 Napoleon Hill International Convention.

Iqbal Atcha is the co-author of “When Crescent And Cross Converge”. Written with his wife in a he-said / she said style, Iqbal and Amy have chronicled their individual experiences as an interfaith and intercultural couple throughout their relationship. They share the lessons they have learned and the challenges they overcame through the practice of love, understanding and mutual respect.

Iqbal is a speaker, author, pharmacist and entrepreneur. He has owned and operated several businesses specializing in healthcare, education, consulting and professional speaking.

Mrs. Amy Atcha is a Legal Guardian, life coach and professional speaker. Amy is the President and Founder of Customized Caring, Inc., a firm specializing in guardianship and power of attorney services, personal coaching and more. She is the author of the estate planning book titled “Me: Facts and Forecasts, A Guide for Now and Later”, which is actually written by YOU, with help from Amy.

Goal Achievers Radio Interview Here

In March 2012, Christina Chia will be putting on the Napoleon Hill International Convention in Malaysia. I will be one of the speakers at the convention. Past speakers have included Charlie “Tremendous” Jones and Wally “Famous” Amos.

Not only will there be tremendous speakers at the event, there are many trips around Malaysia that are part of the package.

Some of the speakers will be John Stutte, Michael Telepary,Dr. JB Hill, Raven Blair Davis, Ray Stendall, Amy and Iqbal Atcha. Stay tuned for more information.

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