Goal Achievers Radio Outwitting The Devil Interview

Goal Achievers Radio host Phil Taylor, author of Set Yourself on Fire, published by Tremendous Life Books, interviewed Sharon Lechter about the newest Napoleon Hill Foundation book Outwitting The Devil.

I have 2 copies of the book, both signed and with a nice note from Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

I found the book to be somewhat scary because it seemed so real.I also loved the book becasue I learned things about Napoleon Hill's life and details of the challenges he faced that I did not know. For someone who loves Napoleon Hill as much as I do, that is saying something.

The book is from an original manuscript of Napoleon Hill, typed on his own typewriter. The history behind the book is fascinating. Napoleon Hill's wife, who outlived him, would not allow the Foundation to publish the book. Upon her death, the wife of the new President of the Napoleon Hill Foundation would not let him publish the book. Finally, 70 years after the book was typed, it is now available to the public.

Below is Phil Taylor's description of the interview. Click on the link below to listen to it yourself.

Also, purchase Phil's book. It is one of my Top 5 books I have ever read. I know you will love it as well.

Along with being a CPA, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator, international speaker and Mom, Sharon Lechter is a national spokesperson for the AICPA and I was a member of the first President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy and founder of Pay Your Family First and YOUTHpreneur. Her newest books, Outwitting The Devil and Three Feet from Gold is a bestseller, and the money and life reality board game, ThriveTime for Teens, is available now. Sharon is also the co-author of the international best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Goal Achievers Radio Outwitting The Devil Interview