Goalscape iPhone app Now Available

Richard Parslow from Goalscape just announced that their new iPhone app is now available.

My friends Derrick Sweet, Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation and Scott Spanbauer, President of LeadCrafting both have written to me to let me know how much they like it.


The iPhone app is a simple, easy to use companion app for Goalscape Connect. You can look at all your goals on your mobile, add new goals, delete goals, change titles, add or modify start and enddates or change responsibilities.


Category: Productivity

Released: Jul 26, 2011Version: 1.01.0Size: 0.6 MBLanguage: EnglishRated 4+

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

This goal setting software is the best way to define, work on and reach your highest goals. Its unique visual display helps you to identify, develop and communicate the key elements of any complex project: overall structure; relative importance; and progress tracking.

When you set goals they are always at the center of attention. Break down your challenge into manageable parts and always keep the overview. It is a simple, tidy, easy to use goal management software, that improves understanding, performance and results.

This is the revolutionary new way to set goals and motivate, prioritize and progress to achieve whatever you are passionate about. Unlike other program and project management software or task tracking tools, this is so easy and fun to use that goal setting becomes a quick everyday process: your goals themselves evolve as your personal goal setting skills improve. So you are better organized, more focused and less stressed! And it works equally well for business and personal goal setting.

Goalscape iPhone app