Goalscape Software - A Visual Goal Management Tool

When I came across Goalscape, I was immediately impressed. It found it to be a very simple wayto keep track of my goals and tasks and progress.

I had been looking for a way to write, track and record progress on my goals online and this is the best software to do that.

I suggested that a few friends look at it and they also loved it and so I knew that my initial assessment was correct.

From Richard Parslow


It is now almost universally accepted that correct goal setting is a key factor in achieving anything worthwhile. What people are less sure of is how to go about this process – and that is where Goalscape really scores with its unique visual format and clean, simple interface.

Our founding team are all professional sailors and coaches: Marcus Baur, is a double Olympian and our Head of Development is the top Australian coach Emmett Lazich (one Olympic Gold Medal, two World Championships and counting).

Goalscape Software is a small, widely distributed company: Marcus is in Germany; Emmett is in Australia; we have developers all over Europe and in Russia; and I am in the UK. There are resellers and affiliates all over the world.

This goal setting software is the best way to define, work on and reach your highest goals. Its unique visual display helps you to identify, develop and communicate the key elements of any complex project: overall structure; relative importance; and progress tracking.

When you set goals using this system they are always at the center of attention. Break down your challenge into manageable parts and always keep the overview. It is a simple, tidy, easy to use goal management software, that improves understanding, performance and results.

This is the revolutionary new way to set goals and motivate, prioritize and progress to achieve whatever you are passionate about. Unlike other program and project management software or task tracking tools, Goalscape is so easy and fun to use that goal setting becomes a quick everyday process: your goals themselves evolve as your personal goal setting skills improve. So you are better organized, more focused and less stressed! And it works equally well for business and personal goal setting.

Use it to define goals and plan activities when you run work projects and sports campaigns… even family activities. We originally developed this goal management software for ourselves: to set our goals in Olympic sports, in business and in our private lives. We believe that inspirational goals deserve the best goal management software conceivable. So download the free trial now and start experiencing the power of the world's only holistic goal management software.