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Harsh Truths That Make Us Stronger

The 16 Harsh Truths in the picture above apply to everyone and make us all stronger if we acknowledge them.

1. You can't change the past

2. There is a lot you don't know

3. You will fail sometimes

4. There may not be a tomorrow

5. There is a lot you cannot control

6. Information is not true knowledge

7. You cannot be successful without providing value

8. Someone else will always have more than you

9. The only person who can make you happy is you

10. You will not always get what you want

11. Doing the same thing every day hinders growth

12 Life is not easy

13. Good friends will come and go

14. You get what you put in

15. There will alwasy be people who do not like you

16. You will never fell 100% ready for something new

There are many other Harsh Truths that we could add to this list however these 16 are a great start. 

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