Napoleon Hill International Convention - Will You Be There?

The Napoleon Hill International Convention is fast approaching.

I received the email below from The Napoleon Hill Foundation today.

Perhaps you joined the 2007 or the 2010 International Napoleon Hill Tour and Convention and traveled with us to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and/or Borneo. If you were there, I am certain that the memories and experiences are still fresh in your mind. Now, even better than before, the 2012 Convention is underway and the tour and lineup of speakers is fantastic. It is said that the third time is the charm, and Christina Chia, our hostess, is convinced that this convention will be a celebration beyond words. And I assure you, there is no reason to doubt her word! If at all possible, put yourself at this event of a lifetime. This convention will be a recurring item on your bucket list for years to come!

As we join people from many countries there will be an amazing mix of like minded people wanting to advance their own lives and professions and explore global opportunities. This opportunity for creating business and personal alliances is outstanding, and one of the major reasons for you to attend. Whether personal or professional, you will be well compensated by the people you meet and the sessions you attend!

The next group of Napoleon Hill enthusiasts will be traveling to Malaysia from Chicago leaving on March 8, 2012. The 2 day Convention and Musical Play on the life of Napoleon Hill as well as keynote speakers Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. J.B. Hill, Christina Chia, Don Green, and Judy Williamson among others will be Convention Highlights. Tour Highlights are also life changing events and you will have to experience these for yourself. The scenery, the cuisine, the sites visited, the welcoming Malay people truly comprise your Malaysian Experience. From the time you step off the plane until you return home, you will receive the royal treatment. Space is limited, so please contact our sole agent Pat Andreatta at right away to reserve your seat. We will have group airfare going from Chicago to Hong Kong with an overnight in Hong Kong on both the going and returning flights. This is an extra added opportunity because you will be able to gradually readjust to the time change by the overnight accommodations in Hong Kong. All reservations must be finalized in December, 2011, and the availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Prevailing airfare fees apply on date of booking. Do it now, or you may just have to wait until the 2014 Convention to book your spot in this global extravaganza!

See you there!

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