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Napoleon Hill Leader Certification Trip Featured in Fermanagh Herald

The Napoleon Hill Leader Certification trip for 2012 was at Belle Isle in Fermanagh County in Ireland. Belle Isle was purchased by the Duke of Abercorn for his second son who is an artist and currently lives in New York in the United States.

At every Napoleon Hill Foundation event, there is a labyrinth walk. Uriel (Chino) Martinez, who works with the Foundation, gives a short talk about the history of labyrinths and some instructions on how to walk it.

The Duke joined us for our labyrinth walk and the local newspaper, the Fermanagh Herald, was on hand to take pictures and write about our group.

About Napoleon Hill Leader Certification

The Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification program now consists of a three part process. The Your Right To Be Rich course from Nightingale-Conant was recently added to the curriculum.

Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center and Shane Morand, Organo Gold's Global Master Distributor and one of Napoleon Hill biggest fans and Vic Conant, Chairman of Nightingale-Conant put together a webinar to explain the Leader Certification process.

Read the message from my friend Judy about the webinar below.

Dear Friends of Napoleon Hill,

Have you heard of our three-part Leader Certification Program but never really understood what it was all about and how it works? We have a webinar for you!

Shane Morand, Vic Conant, and I will are happy to share with you a complimentary webinar that will tell you all you need to know to get started with our cutting edge class of the year.

Invest in yourself.

Always Be Your Very Best,

Judy Williamson

To watch the webinar at any time, click on the link below.

Watch Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Webinar here

Personal Note

In my opinion, becoming a Certified Instructor has been the most important thing I have done in my life. I have met the most amazing people from around the world. My income has doubled in the two years since I took the course. I can truly say that I am living my Definite Purpose because of my relationship with the Foundation. I cannot recommend the course highly enough. It gives you instant credibility in any business situation.

Enjoy this video by Ray Stendall about the benefits of becoming Certified.

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"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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