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Why Take The Napoleon Hill Leader Certification Course?

Taking the Napoleon Hill Leader Certification course was THE KEY TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE!

By taking the course I discovered the true God given Definite Purpose for my life. By being able to identify it so clearly and knowing that God himself would tell me this is why I am on this earth, I can focus my conscious mind and, even more important, my subconscious mind, with laser like precision. 

Would weekly one-on-one video coaching by a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor help you stay accountable to, and achieve, your life's purpose and goals faster than what you are currently doing? For details, and to schedule a free 1 hour video meeting, click HERE

Once your subconscious becomes saturated with your Purpose, it seeks out people and opportunities best suited to you. One of my affirmations is:

My Positive Mental Attitude attracts the people and opportunities best suited to me

I repeat that regularly when my brain is focused on something negative or is in idle.

First, you should take it for the person it will make you become and the credibility you will have with others. To be a Napoleon Hill Certified Leader requires that you model and use the 17 Principles of Success in your own life. That alone will make you a better person with a well thought out, clear, written Definite Purpose and a clear plan for how to achieve your Definite Chief Aim in life.

Secondly, you should take the course for the people you can influence with it. If you are a parent, you can model and teach the Success Principles with your kids.

If you are involved in helping other people in any way, these principles can assist you when you mentor or coach others.

Thirdly, take it for the amazing people you will meet. That is the part I love the most. Imagine spending a week with people who love Napoleon Hill and who attribute his book Think and Grow Rich with their success. You will not want to go back to the real world after spending a week with fellow Napoleon Hill followers.

Fourth, take it for the incredible travel experience it is. I have attended 3 trips and all were incredible travel experiences. 

I recorded the video above with fellow Napoleon Hill Certified Leader, Ray Stendall, Publisher of Customer Engagement Magazine.

Ray is a great example of the type of person who is associated with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. He gives generously of his time and wisdom to help the Foundation and other followers of Napoleon Hill.

In this video Ray and I discuss why people should attend the 2012 Napoleon Hill Leader Certification trip to Belle Isle in Northern Ireland. We discuss some of the features and benefits of the course as well as this year's trip to let you know it is WELL worth the time and money investment.

The 2014 Napoleon Hill Leader Certification trip will involve a Greek Cruise from October 11 - 18. 

Please contact Pat Andreatta to register for your accommodations. Email Pat Andreatta ( for details.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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