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The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center now offers a Home Study course for students and fans of Napoleon Hill and his success principles. The course is sold through Nightingale-Conant and contains 10 CDs, 4 DVDs, 2 writable pdf workbooks, 17 online assessment tests, Think and Grow Rich Collector's edition hardcover book and 17 reminder cards.

Your Right to Be Rich was Napoleon Hill’s final project and the culmination of his life’s work. Together with W. Clement Stone, Dr. Hill developed a correspondence course which enabled anyone to learn all 17 principles of his philosophy of success. That course has evolved to become this multimedia training system, designed to help you become rich in all parts of life. This course is also the first step to becoming a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Leader.

At the heart of the Your Right to Be Rich system are 17 individual lessons on 10 CDs, plus two accompanying workbooks. Each lesson has exercises that are guaranteed to make you more purposeful, powerful, and productive. When you complete all the exercises, you are reinforcing the material and fully integrating it with your daily activities and personality.Throughout these CDs, you'll hear Napoleon Hill speaking directly to you, as he challenges and drives you to realize your full potential. And when you follow through on what you've learned, you will realize more of your potential sooner than you ever thought you could.

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