Napoleon Hill World Learning Center New Radio Show

I was interviewed for the new Napoleon Hill World Learning Center Radio show called Napoleon Hill Mastermind Radio by Raven Blair Davis. Raven and I will be co-hosting the show thanks to my most amazing friend Judy Williamson. Judy is the Director of the World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet. Judy will be providing us with guests for the show which means that we will interview some high quality guests who are making a difference in the world.

I am also a host on Raven's Amazing Women of Power Radio Network.Amazing Life Stories is my show on the Amazing Men of Power segment of the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, the brainchild of Raven Blair Davis, The Talk Show Maven. The network consists of Raven’s award winning talk shows: “Women Power Radio” and “Careers From The Kitchen Table,” as well as her Celebrity Rave Reviews Talk show, plus up to 20 other Amazing talk show host shows ranging from empowerment, round table discussions, health, law of attraction, business, finance, spirituality, family programing, as well as an ALL Men (Amazing Men of Power) line up of shows on Fridays.

Listen live to the show here

Raven is also the author of a new book 'Careers From The Kitchen Table' which I am a contributor to. Order your copy from Amazong today.

Make sure to purchase one of Judy Williamson's books 'Do It Now' and 'The Path To Riches in Think and Grow Rich'. I was quoted in Do It Now. Shane Morand, Organo Gold's Co-Founder is one of the contributors to The Path To Riches in Think and Grow Rich. The book has contributions from 20+ contrbutors who explain what they think the secret mentioned numerous times in Think and grow Rich is.

Napoleon Hill World Learning Center