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Holly Sher - Owner of Evanger's Dog & Cat Food on Journey To Success Radio

Holly Sher is the owner of Evanger's Dog & Cat Food, the only privately-held and family-owned pet food cannery in the USA. I interviewed her for Journey To Success Radio.

If you have a pet and want to feed it the best quality food, Evanger's is by far the highest quality you will find.

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more about holly sher & evanger's dog & cat food

Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Co. grew into a regional, then national, success story as word of the quality ingredients and manufacturing processes spread to breeders of show and sports dogs, veterinarians, boarding kennels, and feed stores. Evanger's has always supported the independent marketplace and you can find our quality pet foods in independent pet food retailers close to you.

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Evanger's expanded pet food line is manufactured on the original site, following the same tradition of uncompromising quality in delicious meals for dogs and cats.

Evanger's remains a family-owned and operated company and continues to be innovative today. Holly Sher, her husband and children are all involved in the business.

In 2003, Evanger's, led by Holly Sher, was the first pet food company to create a food that was packed by hand instead of machine by putting whole pieces of fresh meat and vegetables into the cans. This innovative process started another new trend in pet food, and we call it, “People Food for Pets ™."

All Evanger’s foods are made with completely human-grade, highly palatable and nutritious foods that will satisfy even the most finicky eater. With no soy, corn, wheat, artificial ingredients, harmful additives, preservatives or by-products, Evanger’s canned meals make an excellent mixer to our dry foods. Not only do they offer your pet a variety in taste, our gourmet dinners offer the additional nutritional benefits your pet needs. Natural Vitamins and minerals are blended with the all-natural meats for ultimate nutrition that are completely balanced meals for all life stages, ages, and breeds.

how to read a pet food label

The pet food industry is regulated by AAFCO (the Association of American Feed Control Officials), the FDA/CVM (Food and Drug Administration/Center for Veterinary Medicine), the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

The ingredients list state all of the items that are contained in the food from the highest quantity listed first to the least listed last. The first ingredient is the most important one because this is what the food has most of.

The first ingredient in a quality pet food should be a good quality protein like found in all of the Evanger’s varieties; aside from the Vegetarian and 100% Sweet Potato, which are meat-free and vegetable-based. When a meat is listed on our labels, it is a muscle meat like chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish, and more; only the best quality proteins.

The biological value of a protein determines how well the body can use it. The better the body can use a protein, the higher the biological value it will have.

Protein eaten provides the body nitrogen and amino acids, the building blocks for a healthy body. There are 9 essential amino acids that dogs and cats cannot make -themselves and therefore, must be provided for in the diet. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy all have a high biological score. For example, eggs have a biological value of 100; beef has a biological value of 80.

As far as our vegetarian diet goes, the combination of peas and whole brown rice provide complementary proteins. In other words, separately, these ingredients may not score high because separately, each is missing an essential amino acid (peas are missing methionine while whole brown rice is missing lysine) but together they complement each other with the end result of a good quality, high biological value protein source.