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How to Mastermind and Grow Rich

In the How to Mastermind and Grow Rich webinar, Tony Rubleski and Jim Palmer share the power of Hill’s wisdom regarding this Success Principle as well as new, updated, techniques that can help you form Powerful Mastermind Groups and “friendly alliances” that can transform your personal and professional development to a new level of achievement, success, and competency.

In this exciting and informative training, they:

1. Define and share the many benefits of a Mastermind Group

2. Share exactly how to properly find OR create your own Mastermind Group

3. Reveal the Three “R’s” all TOP Mastermind Groups have in common

4. Discuss Two Major Benefits of the Mastermind

In addition, Tony shares some exciting new developments and details and a special offer about the upcoming Think and Grow Rich Summit 2013.

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Think and Grow Rich Summit

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The Think and Grow Rich Summit is being held from April 25-27 in Del Mar, California. I am one of the scheduled speakers for the event.

I interviewed the event sponsor and promoter, Tony Rubleski, for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show.

The Think and Grow Rich Summit is not a look at “get-rich-quick” schemes, instead it is a detailed examination of the mindset and strategies that enable people and companies to succeed, regardless of market conditions, and move forward to share their ideas and serve others.

International bestselling author, Sharon Lechter, co-creator of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad  book series commented,“I am excited to be a part of this dynamic and timely event that is certain to help people get and stay ahead during this time of great economic change!”

Don Green, Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation stated, “The timing of the event and level of world-class business and personal development speakers presenting at the event will make for a unique and positive experience for everyone involved. The Foundation is also grateful that you will share a percentage of the event proceeds with us to help us grow and expand upon our global vision.”

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