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The IQ Morning Report Creator Jim Vaughan on Journey To Success Radio

The IQ Morning Report is the best personal development newsletter. It has a cult like following of famous business people, authors, and speakers and people from all walks of life. I interviewed its creator, Jim Vaughan for Journey To Success Radio.

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"Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement" - Napoleon Hill

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about the iq morning report and jim vaughan

Jim Vaughan is the editor and publisher of the ‘IQ Morning Report”, a daily, 6 times a week email newsletter focused on success attitudes, skills and activities. His newsletter is like ‘a breath mint for your mind before you have to go out into the world and slay today’s quota of fire breathing dragons’.

He is a life-long success researcher focused on the timeless teachings of the greatest teachers, trainers, coaches, authors, speakers and mentors who ever lived.

Jim’s learning journey into the behaviors that cause success began more than 50 years ago.

He is a big proponent that each of us must become our own best teacher, as we ‘learn from the giants’, the path that leads to habitual success. A journey he calls, “The Process.” His communications gifts are simplicity and storytelling. He distills massive amounts of information and converts it into easy-to-do behavioral activities that are the foundational raw materials anyone can use to build a skyscraper kind of life. According to Jim, mastering our individual lives means we have to master the eight individual components that make us who we are, our: Thinking; Physical Health; Time Management; Relationships; Personal Finances; Spirituality; Universal Laws and our Careers which is… a lifelong process. A great deal of what he shares, on a daily basis, is the psychology of living a successful life. Realize every other day for the rest of your life is influenced in some way by what you choose to do… or choose not to do… today. Today is all there is. You can’t re-live any other day from your past. You can’t pre-live any other day from your future. Treat each and every day like one single ‘achievement brick’ in the skyscraper kind of life that you have designed and are building for yourself.

There is an ample supply of everything you’ll ever need to become the person you want to become, go where you want to go, do what you want to do, learn what you want to learn and/or have what you want to have. The Infinite Intelligence created more firewood than anyone of us will ever need but, it’s up to us to go out and collect it.