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Inez Blackburn - Author, Professor, Marketing Expert

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I interviewed Inez Blackburn, author, Professor and Marketing Expert for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. I met Inez the day before our interview at the ROI Lab for The Central Group. Be sure to listen to this dynamic woman

Inez is a globally recognized speaker and industry leader, innovator and pioneer in launching global brands with over 25 years experience. She has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and led numerous executives through her Positioned for Profit Seminars and Marketing to the Max Workshops. She has been on the Dean’s list for excellence in teaching for 10 years and is a featured trainer at numerous executive events. Her first book Pride Passion Profit – 7 Steps to Category Development has sold over 5,000 copies and is well positioned to help companies take their category plans to the next level

Inez is currently the Director of Research at The Institute for Retail Innovation and Education (The Central Group) and an Adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, Wright State University, and S.P. Jain University in Singapore and Dubai. Inez conducts both quantitative and qualitative research in a State of the Art Research facility and ROI Lab leveraging best in class technologies and research protocols.

Prior to becoming addicted to research and an Adjunct Professor, Inez held numerous executive positions for numerous CPG Companies for National Brands and Private Label. She was the Vice President of Marketing for Cott Corporation where she was responsible for developing and launching Private Label Brands for major retailers in Canada, the United States, Europe. Inez also held progressive positions at Nabisco, Robin Hood Multifoods, Red Lobster Canada and for those of you who remember Consumers Distributing.

She has worked extensively with major corporations and has played a pivotal role in implementing Customer Centric Strategic Plans, Marketing to the Max, Retail Trends and Opportunities, Demand Planning Best Practices, The Balanced Scorecard, and teaching companies how to leverage the power of Collaboration for a sustainable competitive advantage. The Evolution of Category Management, Category Development and Activity Based Costing are just a few of the customized training sessions she conducts.

Inez Blackburn is often featured at conferences around the world and conducts training seminars on Category Development, Shopper Marketing, Product Life Cycle Management, Supply Chain Strategy and Marketing according to the Art of War, Generation Text and The Era of Postponement.

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