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Jack Black - Creator of Mindstore

Jack Black created Mindstore, the UK's most successful Personal Development and Performance Improvement program.

I interviewed Jack, the Tony Robbins of the UK, for my Journey To Success Radio show.

I am a BIG fan of Jack's Mindstore course. It is unique and all-encompassing and will change your life forever when you follow his suggestions and ideas.

Please listen to this interview with one of the giants of the personal development industry.

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About Jack

In the 1980s, Jack Black was a social worker in the underprivileged East End of Glasgow. After seeing two colleagues destroy their health through the stress of work whilst only in their 40s, and then experiencing a similar collapse himself, he decided to discover how stress could be managed and personal development harnessed to allow people to fulfill their potential. MindStore was the culmination of his findings and now, Jack is recognized as one of the UK's leading authorities on personal development and is an internationally renowned keynote speaker.

MindStore has evolved over 20 years of research and development and underpins a range of unique tools designed to empower anyone to achieve much more in their personal and business lives.

MindStore uniquely provides participants with mental tools to harness whole brain thinking, boosting self-belief, creativity, and confidence to succeed and enjoy life to the full. MindStore has offices in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany and Australia.

Jack has taught the course to over half a million people including business leaders and top entrepreneurs. Over half of the FTSE 100 companies are clients. World champions, sports teams, entertainers and endless leaders and teams from blue chip companies around the world have all benefited from his teachings.

Jack has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes. He is regularly featured in magazines and national newspapers.

Jack continues to work with international leaders in the field of performance coaching, creating leading edge approaches to organisational and personal development.

Jack is also an author. His bestselling books are ‘MINDSTORE the Ultimate Mental Fitness Programme’ and ‘MINDSTORE for Personal Development’.

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