"Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement" - Napoleon Hill

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Jack Zufelt Interviewed for Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio Show

Jack Zufelt is the Author of The DNA of Success.

I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Jack for my BlogTalkRadio show.

About Jack

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Millions of people are spending billions every year, on success theories and recipes only to experience a loss of their money and time. The end result is always discouragement, depression and failure.

Jack reveals the appalling truth about this crisis and provides a simple solution.
He proves that writing down goals is a waste of time. 

Everyone knows that New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken. Affirmations, visualization or listening to subliminal messages are a joke. 

Though entertaining, motivational speakers have no lasting effect. The list of success formulas is quite lengthy and what Jack’s research shows is that if all these things worked, everyone would have what they want -- but they don’t -- even though these formulas have been taught for 75 years. Jack goes even further and says these thing not only don’t work but that they are negative and can hurt one’s ability to succeed so don’t do them any more.  

Jack Zufelt successfully blows apart these false recipes for success imposed on the American public since the 1900s! He proves that there is a simpler, more effective way, to create success in all areas of life. There’s only one thing that works – knowing what you want so badly that you will do anything or become whatever it takes, to get it. But -- that’s the problem --- 97% of the people can’t accurately identify what they want that badly! Jack solves that problem. His provocative message is being called a “break through” and “wake up call” for millions of people seeking the elusive butterfly of success. It is ringing true for so many people that Jack has quickly become one of the most popular keynote speakers and talk show guests in America.

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