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jackie lauer mentor to high tech ceo's on journey to success radio

Jackie Lauer is a Mentor to High Tech CEO's including John Stix, Co-Founder of Fibernetics, who was recently interviewed by Peter Goral for Journey To Success Radio.

Peter Goral interviewed Jackie for Journey To Success Radio. The are many gems of wisdom in this interview and I know you will love it.

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about jackie lauer

Passionate about leadership development and culture, Jackie Lauer grew her career leading technology sales teams at companies like ITI and Nortel. She has experienced leading teams through periods of rapid change and fast growth.

Jackie believes she succeeded or failed based on her capacity to engage the human side of the business, taking one company from 1 million to 85 million in 5 years. With a passion to create great leaders and high performing cultures she pursued multiple certifications in coaching, change management, emotional intelligence, neuroleadership and mediation.

As CEO of her own consultancy she has had the pleasure of working on clients like Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Accelerator Centre, Department of National Defense, House of Commons, RCMP,  Fibernetics, Miovision and Magnet Forensics.

She’s known for her humour and her ability to challenge leaders to be their best selves, to not forget their business isn’t just about products and sales and must also include a foundation for a great life and a great culture . 

Recently described by a client as "She’s like a (much!) younger version of Yoda, sharing practical philosophies on how our needs as human beings inform the way we want to be lead and be led" . Best of all, she has a no BS approach, an infectious laugh and loves what she does.

testimonials for jackie

"Jackie has a natural ability to tackle deep seeded inhibitors of professional growth while being a positive influence on day-to-day business is unique and rewarding."  Scott Beffort from Decode

"Jackie helped me remember the importance of celebrating every milestone – even the little ones! She also helped me realize these milestones which isn’t always easy to do when your head’s down and you’re going a million miles an hour!"  Carolyn Gardner from Novotech Technologies

"Jackie is a rare gem and it was my absolute pleasure and honor to work with her. She has an incredible depth of knowledge and is a professional in every sense of the word. You would be extremely fortunate to have Jackie working with/for you!" Pierrette Raymond from Moving Forward Matters

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