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Jamaal Miles - Author of Generating Customers For Life Interviewed for Journey To Success 

Jamaal Miles

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Jamaal Miles is the Author of The Business Owner's Guide On: Generating Customers For Life. I interviewed him for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. 


Jamaal was raised to embrace his natural born entrepreneurial spirit.  He grew up watching his father start many small business ventures which have played an influential part in his success as a reputable salesman to this date. His father demonstrated a strong commitment to a certain standard of excellence. In watching his father grow his business and provide for the family, he learned the importance of creating and maintaining relationships early in life. His parents have always encouraged him to pursue excellence and seek like-minded people who share the same principles of achieving their goals through a positive mental attitude. 

Jamaal has always been curious to know what the determining factor was between the high achievers and low achievers in life. This curiosity increased his interest for researching the importance of how an optimistic attitude may lead a person to a life of prosperity and contribution if channeled in the right direction. He recently completed the Training Business Pros, Train the Trainer certification.  This certification has been invaluable to his presentational marketing and facilitation skills, due to learning and implementing the world’s most advanced presentation marketing template.  Education is a major part of his success and he has taken it upon himself to receive his certification in Marketing and Mastery. This coarse has boosted his confidence in his desire to empower others through leadership methods and has also amplified both his online and offline presence. 

Jamaal Miles is currently self-employed, owning and operating his own training company where he teaches professionals ground breaking communication techniques. 


” Jamaal Miles is an incredibly engaging speaker and trainer. After attending his course, I was able to grow my coaching business through implementing the communication tools I learned. I found I was a more interesting speaker and more effective listener.  I saw first hand how this quickly transferred into better sales closes and more clients. Thank you Jamaal !”

Susan Jones Moore

Educator, Author, Communication Specialist, Development and Design

” Jamaal is a dedicated trainer who delivers his content with sincerity. He delivered his message using effective tools, which can be applied immediately.  He was able to clearly demonstrate various modes of communication and when each type would be appropriate. Jamaal is friendly, informative and attentive to detail. I will apply the skills learned today in my day to day business interactions.”

Karen Leckie

Business Coach & Sales Trainer

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