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jason carthen former nfl linebacker with new england patriots

Dr Jason Carthen is a former NFL Linebacker with the New England Patriots. What he has done since his NFL career is even more impressive.

I had the great honour and privilege of interviewing him for Journey To Success Radio.

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about jason carthen

Known as The Leadership Linebacker™ Dr. Jason Carthen is a former professional football player for the New England Patriots and a highly sought after speaker. Dr. Jason has entertained and energized over 1,000 audiences worldwide - Groups like The American Dairy Association, FedEx, Honda Motorcars USA, Oxford University in England, Chick-fil-a Corporation and The Federal Government. 

"Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement" - Napoleon Hill

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The largest in person audience he has ever spoken for was 20,000 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. His weekly Radio Show Discover the Leader in You™ has a listening audience of over 185,000 people.

His passion, spontaneous humor and relentless drive stem from his experiences on the playing field, his personal story of resilience and his successful background in business. A prolific author, Dr. Jason has written over 150 articles and published three books related to leadership, business and personal development. His fourth highly anticipated book, Destiny Focused Leadership™ details the key behavioral traits of successful leaders that want to live and leave a legacy for their followers. For nearly two decades he has been committed to Motivating, Inspiring, and Challenging Individuals and Organization’s to Reach their Personal best!

Past guests on his radio show include:

Dr Kathleen Patterson - a noted expert in the area of Servant Leadership.

Santo Stephens -  a former NFL football player turned successful business owner with an eye towards helping others achieve their goals. He shares with our audience how he was able to make the transition from sports to the business arena.

Scott Garcher - a dynamic leader for one of the largest global shipping companies in the world. In this episode he shares his perspectives on what global leaders need in order to succeed.

Flo Falayi - Leaders must make an educated and prudent choice when preparing to lead or consult on the global stage. Joining me today is a global leader with the pedigree to discuss some of these prudent choices and how they can either help or hinder an organization’s bottom line. Ph.D. Candidate "Flo Faa Laayi” is here to help us navigate the interesting choices before leaping into the global marketplace.