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Jay Miller - Speech and Voice Coach

I interviewed Jay Miller , a voice and speech coach for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. Listen to the interview to get tips on how to be a better public speaker and presenter. Be sure to download The Sound of Success a concise overview of important vocal concepts, with exercises to try for yourself. Discover how easy it can be to develop your amazing voice.

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About Jay

Jay Miller is a speech coach providing training in vocal development, public speaking and media training for a wide range of corporate and private clients. He has over thirty years experience in the field of voice and speech and over ten years in private practice. He is consulted by The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, ELLE Canada and Chatelaine, and has appeared on City TV and Discovery Health. He enjoys working with dedicated leaders and successful professionals who are enthusiastic, open-minded, achievement oriented, and committed to personal growth.

A Toronto speech coach, Jay is a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association and an ACTRA film / TV dialogue coach. With a reputation as one of Canada's finest speech coaches, Jay is uniquely qualified to help you communicate more clearly. His keen ear and expertise with the International Phonetic Alphabet allow him to precisely analyze sound shifts related to speech and diction. These strong technical skills are enhanced by a patient and supportive coaching style.

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