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Jeff Goldberg Interviewed for Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio Show 

Jeff Goldberg is the Author of Leverage Your Laziness which will be available for sale in June 2013. I interviewed him for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show. Listen and learn how to leverage your own laziness. 

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About Jeff

Jeff Goldberg is a self-proclaimed “beach bum” and all around lazy guy, as well as being the proud father of three wonderful children and a crazy pug! At various times he’s tried his hand at skydiving, motorcycle riding, stand-up comedy and most recently, surfing. He’s the founder of JG&A, a highly successful sales consulting and training firm that works with individuals and organizations of all sizes, internationally, to help them increase sales. Jeff is an in-demand keynote speaker and besides sales organizations he’s addressed groups of teachers, mental health professionals, religious leaders and a wide variety of people and institutions.

Jeff has been a student of human behavior for over 35 years and has read and studied with some of the world's greatest teachers. Along with co-author Steve Bookbinder, they promote the “Lazy” philosophy and want everyone to be lazy AND successful!


"Steve and I wrote this book because of our inherent desire to share the "Lazy" philosophy with the world. Most people spend their days working at jobs and tasks they hate, or aren't very good at. Successful people have figured out that you're happiest, and most productive, when you focus on the things you're good at and enjoy doing. We want everyone to go forth and be lazy!" --Jeff

"This book describes the path I used, starting at age 50 to launch a successful company in the middle of the recession, which is why I am so excited to share my experience with everyone. Building a plan that relies on your continued laziness rather than depending on your suddenly reinventing yourself into a new person with great new skills is more likely to work for most people... Properly leveraged, laziness allows you play to your biggest strength, which is a proven strategy for success." -- Steve Bookbinder

Something To Talk About #344: Jeff Goldberg, Author: "Leverage Your Laziness" from Bonnie D. Graham on Vimeo.

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