"Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement" - Napoleon Hill

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jim palmer the newsletter guru interviewed for journey to success radio

Jim Palmer is one of the sharpest and most well known marketing minds on the planet. I sometimes refer to him as the younger, less crotchety, Dan Kennedy.

I had the great honor of interviewing Jim for Journey To Success Radio about his upcoming book 'Decide: The Ultimate Success Factor'. it will be available for sale on March 9th and the best place to purchase it, because of the extra free gifts you will receive, is from his website (see below).

about jim palmer


Jim Palmer is a marketing and business building expert and in demand coach. He is the founder of the Dream Biz Academy and Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program. Jim is the host of Newsletter Guru TV, the hit weekly Web TV show watched by thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners and he is also the host of Stick Like Glue Radio, a weekly podcast based on Jim’s unique brand of smart marketing and business building strategies. Jim is best known internationally as ‘The Newsletter Guru’ and creator of No Hassle Newsletters, the ultimate ‘done-for-you’ newsletter marketing program used by hundreds of clients in nine countries.

Jim is a cancer survivor, has been married for thirty-three years, and has four grown children. He lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his wife, Stephanie, their cat Serendipity, and Toby the marketing dog. Jim and Stephanie love to kayak, travel, and spend time with their family.

If you have a dream of starting a business but are waiting for the right time to launch, stop waiting. If you own an under-performing business but are waiting for the right time to launch phase two – stop waiting. Now is the time to act. Within these pages you will find dozens of lessons, tips, and nuggets of wisdom, and the ONE single message that you’ll hear and glean from reading this book is that NOW is the time to act. There is no better time than now to act smartly but boldly, and either start your business or take your existing business to the next level. “Successful businesses are created every day, no matter what the economy or other outside market conditions may be. The truth is there is never a ‘perfect’ time to start a business, so why not start now? You can and should learn a great deal from this book. Jim has not only pulled together some great success stories from big businesses you no doubt are familiar with, but also some stories from new entrepreneurs who have recently started or expanded their business. They are all inspirational and if you glean from them what I did, you’ll see that they all decided that now is the time to act. Like Jim, I believe that entrepreneurs are not only what makes our country great, but small business is what drives our economy and will be what ultimately lifts our fledgling economy out of the ditch. So I encourage you to Stop Waiting for it to Get Easier, and Start Creating Your Dream Business Now!” - Kevin Harrington – Chairman of As Seen on TV, Inc. and former investor on the hit ABC Show, Shark Tank

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