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jim shorkey - owner of shorkey auto group on journey to success radio

Jim Shorkey is the owner of Shorkey Auto Group, a conglomerate of 7 car dealerships in the Pittsburgh area. 

I interviewed Jim for Journey To Success Radio.

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In just over a decade, Jim Shorkey expanded his Western Pennsylvania automotive dealership, a company that has been in his family for decades, into a six-dealership conglomerate that is consistently ranked among the top performing companies, in any industry, in the region. 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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After achieving incredible success in the automobile industry, he exited the business, ceding control of the company to yet another generation in his family, his children. 

What seemed by many to be a curious decision at the time was for Jim a choice that was in the cards; or, technically, a journal.

In his personal writing journal, he made a special notation in December of 2007 as to what his next steps would be: to help other business owners and leaders achieve the same level of success, if not higher, that he had.   

When he wrote that, he knew the road to get there wouldn't be easy.  After all, he was still the head of a growing business himself, in an industry that was months away from being brought to its knees by the severe impact of the economic recession, a downturn that sent many of Jim's competitors packing.  

But Jim's tenacity and perseverance helped him get through it, as it had many times prior.   When others were crafting "recession plans," he was devising a "prosperity plan," a 15-page manifesto designed to get all of his people on the same page, and to step up their game so that the company can not only "get through" the recession, but actually be in a better position to succeed and prosper after the recession; and succeed they did! The company's subsequent success not only enabled Jim to be in a position to walk away and pass the business on to his children, it also afforded him the credibility and the gravitas to be successful in the next step of his life's work. 

data-custom-mark="true"What does Jim attribute all his success to?  He was introduced to a book written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich.  Jim read that book as if Napoleon Hill was talking directly to him: as if he was Jim’s direct mentor.  After several readings, Jim’s success began to grow.  So what did he do?  He kept reading!  He has read Think and Grow Rich 104 times to date, and he plans on reading it another 100+ times in his lifetime!  Why does he keep reading it?  Because the principles in the book work and his dealership, as well as all tenants of his life (Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness, and Spirituality) show it.  This book gives instruction on how to have a life well lived, and Jim does just that! data-custom-mark="true" 

Enter Jim's newest venture, Results From Thinking, a platform upon which Jim and his team can work with entrepreneurs and professionals in order to help them become more successful in their personal and professional endeavors. Jim has clients all across Western Pennsylvania, as well as a number of clients across the country, and even a few international clients seeking his Blueprint for Success!

Cars may be in his blood, but giving back is in his heart, and with his new venture, Jim Shorkey gets to do just that.