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Joe Cohen - Your Life Purpose


Your Life Purpose – Have you considered how your life would improve if you were working to fulfill Your Life Purpose? If you have, these are the 4 cornerstones to fulfilling Your Life Purpose.

Everyone has a purpose in life.

As Deepak Chopra says, “There are no missing pieces in the universe. We are each here for a reason.”

Knowing your life purpose is essential for personal fulfillment, and is the primary reason many people live as they do. To journey through life without discovering your purpose is to literally waste your life. Fulfilling your purpose should be your driving force. Its discovery has the potential to transform anyone.

Finding your purpose will not only show you the way to fulfillment, but it will show you how to attain and achieve your goals. It will provide you with guide posts along the way to success. Knowing your purpose will give you a solid foundation to build a positive future and will ensure you are fulfilling Your Life Purpose.


Discovering your reason for being, your life purpose, is one of the first undertakings in the journey of self-discovery and lifelong improvement. Your life purpose is primary, and its discovery will lead you directly to the next most important aspect of personal development and fulfillment, your life’s mission.

Once you have discovered your purpose in life, determining your mission is the next step in your journey to achieving your goals. Once you have determined your life’s mission the action steps you need to take to achieve your goals and enjoy success will be clearer. The path you need to take will reveal itself and you will know how to proceed. Beginning your journey will ensure you fulfill Your Life Purpose.


Service to others in some capacity is, as with your mission, worthy of consideration. Without these two concepts to guide our lives we often drift aimlessly. We all serve others in some way. Consider any type of work. They all have, at their core, in some way or another, service to others.

Many people may not view their jobs that way but that is the reality of it. We may think of teachers, religious leaders, politicians, social workers, community volunteers and the like as being the types who are of service to others. And, they are. However, if you view what you do as serving the needs of other people regardless of what it is, your work will be much more joyful and rewarding.

There are numerous examples of life missions. Many people do not give much thought to it. It is the one who seeks a higher purpose, who wishes to give more than he or she takes, who considers what it is they want to do that will achieve the goals they seek. To seek to serve the whole of humanity in some small but significant way is a worthy goal. One we should all aspire to. Such service adds meaning to life and will ensure you fulfill Your Life Purpose.


Your life purpose and mission can be as simple as having and raising your children or it could be as ambitious as saving and supporting millions of underprivileged children. It is all up to you and what you feel and believe. There is really no purpose and mission too small or too large when it is in service to others.

Knowing your life purpose and mission allows you to properly plan your future and make your dreams and desires a reality. You will have an outline of what your life could look like and will have put yourself in a better position to achieve whatever success you desire.

Our lives are given meaning by the actions we take and by what we are willing to give in return for our success. Even if our success is modest, we are contributing to the greater good. Any contribution is better than none and will come back to you many times over.

Researchers in the field of neuroscience studying altruistic behavior have found that such actions have a stronger positive effect on the brain. In other words, it feels better to do things to help others than to do things that are only self serving.

Your Life Purpose and mission, once found, should enlighten you as to what you should be doing with your life. If what you currently do to earn money does not suit your purpose or fit your mission consider finding some other way to earn a living. If you do not like what you do or for whom you do it then determine what would make you happier. Then find a way to monetize that activity.


There is always a way to make money from almost any activity. When you find that joyful action that makes you smile all of the time you will find a way to make it pay you. It may take considerable changes in your life. You may have to make many difficult decisions. But those decisions will be well worth any difficulty when joy accompanies you throughout your day.

Knowing your life purpose and mission paves the way to making the right decisions. You will become more aware of the resources and be more grateful for the assets you already have available to you.

You will also be more aware of what assets and resources you will need to acquire to reach your goals. You will become more aware of the circumstances that will lead to the fulfillment of your desires.

Your journey to success will become easier and faster as your mind focuses on where you want to be in your life. You will begin to live the life you deserve. Mediocrity will be a thing of the past. The meaning of your life will be clearer. You will realize you can be and do anything you want and can acquire whatever you desire.

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