Journey To Success Radio Interview with Andy Horner of Ace of Sales

For my Journey To Success Radio show I had the pleasure of interviewing Andy Horner, the creator of the Ace of Sales CRM system sold by Jeffrey Gitomer.

Andy is both a communication artist and sales champion. He invents and imparts breakthrough ideas to inspire salespeople and business owners to communicate at a higher level and succeed on their own terms. He demystifies the world of self-marketing that every frontline businessperson is now required to master.

Andy is the inventor, product manager, and creative force behind the online sales communication platform, Ace of Sales. Through software, webinars, speaking and consulting, Andy helps business leaders differentiate themselves, activate their creativity, and achieve their goals.

I have been in sales for over 25 years and have used many different CRM systems over those 25+ years. I had been using Salesforce for the past 3 years. Although Salesforce is a great CRM system, it does not give you the ability to send impressive and eye catching emails that generate interest and sales like Gitomer's systems does. Salesforce also does not give you the ability to update all your social media sites from it like Gitomer's system does.

I have always used a CRM system in my 25+ years of selling to ensure I do not forget anything I said or promised to do and to ensure my process is as efficient as it can possibly be. I have also always been in the top 20%, if not #1, in every sales position I have been in.

Gitomer's system allows you to make sales, close deals, and build loyal relationships. It gives you the tools and training to attract, engage, differentiate, thank, stay in touch, and WOW customers.

As with all Gitomer product offerings, you get value up front. In this case you get to try it for free for 30 days. If you decide to continue using the system, it is only $20 monthly.

Listen to the Journey To Success Interview with Andy here

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