Journey To Success Radio Interview with Donna Messer

For my Journey To Success (JTS) Radio show I had the privilege of interviewing Donna Messer on the luanch of her new book. I really enjoyed speaking with her and we had a lot of fun with the interview.

Our purpose on JTS Radio is to interview people who are making a difference in the world. We’ll explore important aspects and areas of life including spiritual, physical, mental, relationships, disabilities, and many more topics. Our broadcast team so far consists of

Michael Collins, author of Ushering in the Golden Age

Taylor Tagg, author of Enrich Your Sunrise

Ray Stendall, one of the speakers at the recent Napoleon Hill International Convention

Dave Yablecki who provides entertainment for casinos, colleges, universities and trade shows

Tracy Montgomery, an author of e-books on dating and relationships that have generated close to 20,000 downloads

Donna Messer

Donna Messer is an author, speaker, coach and mentor, an inspiring and passionate motivator who has addressed thousands of people on three continents.

Donna a former broadcast journalist and is the author of more than 4,000 articles published around the world. Her book Effective Networking Strategies is a Canadian best seller.

Her new book, Cycles of Life, Keeping You on Track weaves her wisdom, philosophy and innovation together, illustrating how to build the relationships you need to succeed.

She hosts both radio and television programs interviewing Canadians with a story to tell. Donna is social media savvy and knows the importance of international visibility. She’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

She serves on the Executive Board for Women in Food Industry Management, is an active Rotarian and is on the board for The United Way of Oakville. She is a mentor with a wide range of organizations that focus on youth, foreign trained professionals and those in transition.

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