Journey To Success Radio Interview with Jeremy Rayzor

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Our purpose on JTS Radio is to interview people who are making a difference in the world with their Transformational Thoughts, Ideas and Actions. We will explore important aspects and areas of life including spiritual, physical, mental, relationships, disabilities and much more.

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The Journey To Success broadcast team consists of:

Michael Collins, Author of Ushering in the Golden Age

Taylor Tagg – Author of Enrich Your Sunrise

Tracy Montgomery – Publisher of e-books on dating and marriage that have been downloaded close to 20,000 times.

Myself, Tom too tall Cunningham

Jeremy Rayzor and Achievus

Jeremy Rayzor has been recognized as a VIP member of The Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

He is a passionate inventor of unique card and board games that help to educate through the value of play. He believes in family entertainment that encourages human interaction.

Jeremy is the inventor of “Math Wiz The Puzzle Card Game” which encourages practicing mental arithmetic in a fun approach, “Paper Football Card Game” which players use strategic and math skills in a competitive setting, and “Achievus” which is his newest game for 2012. “Achievus” is a cooperative board game of positive interaction which offers a fun way to review Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of success. Mr. Rayzor is the founder of Rayzor Sharp Entertainment, Inc. The mission of his business is “Educating through the value of play!” and slogan “Don’t Be DULL! Be Rayzor Sharp!”

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I think Achievus is the greatest Napoleon Hill related product I have ever come across. A fun and enjoyable board game for kids to learn the 17 Principles of Success is an incredible idea and creation.

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