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Journey To Success Radio Interview with SoloStrength Founder Michael Bulva

For my Journey To Success radio show I interviewed Michael Bulva, the Founder of SoloStrength Lifestyle Products.

Michael is driven, passionate and focused on building addictively fast fitness solutions that improve and empower the individual experience of life – his latest brainchild, SoloStrength, does just that for the individual: one life, one body and one bar are the concepts that summarize the total package of his latest fitness invention. The SoloStrength training system is taking the fitness world by storm as this simple, yet highly effective, training tool offers everything a fitness newbie to an advanced, hardcore athlete and trainer need in order to engage and train every important muscle and conveniently maximize workout time.

Michael is determined to earn the trust of the world’s most demanding customers by creating best-in-class products that deliver results, not promises. “My philosophy,” Michael says, “is if we are too busy to take care of our overall fitness, we suffer by losing out on the things that help us to really feel good about ourselves, enjoy life, keep our physical strength, our mental wellness, and our psychological edge.”

SoloStrength offers a complete and simple to use exercise system and training programs, to more quickly build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, tighten your core and increase endurance.SpeedFit systems come with the equipment and step by step workout instructions and videos for all levels = everything you need to get started.

SoloStrength simply offers a better and faster way to keep strong, healthy and fit to power your passions in life! 

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About SoloStrength

SoloStrength builds specialized systems for supporting natural movement exercise and long term fitness.  The thoughtfully designed equipment is highly adaptive to unique user or client needs, and the integrated functional training programs maximize exercise options for easy development of programs perfect for each user.

A  truly universal solution, never before have you been able to train such a wide range of beginner and advanced training methods on one self-contained system.  A total body training system that maximizes exercise options in minimal floor space and cost.

The simplicity invites movement, and the quality construction ensures a value in long term fitness that users will never outgrow.

SoloStrength empowers the individual or health professional to maximize their exercise options in exchange for limited floor space.

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