Journey To Success Radio Interview with Trent Lissa

Journey To Success Radio host Tracy Montgomery had the pleasure of interviewing Trent Lissa, the owner of Odyssey Martial Arts Alberta. They spoke about bullying, anti bullying strategies and the impact bullying has on society.

Because of my arthritis and my shortness, which was caused by the prednisone I took for the arthritis, I got bullied a lot when I was young. I got locked in a locker and I was also teased a lot. I hate to admit though that I did join in when other kids picked on immigrants. I have since learned that kids will tease each other and being resilient is one of the best things you can train in your kids.

Trent Lissa 'TAKES ACTION' to help stop Bullying

Trent Lissa is the owner of Odyssey Martial Arts Alberta. He has been training in Taekwondo since 2004 under Master Dan Zaleski -8th degree black belt. Trent is a previous collegiate level wrestler and silver gloves boxer. He is the President of Tae Kwon-Do International Alberta and a Gold and Bronze winner in the BC Open TKD Championships in 2006. He received an invitation for International Black Belt in 2007. He was a member of Team Canada at the World Championships, in England 2010.

Trent currently holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt, and received his Domestic Instructor Certification in 2011.

Trent offers many programs at Odyssey Martial Arts Alberta including an anti bullying program – which is FREE, and available to children 6 through 12.

Trent talks with us about the impact bullying has on society, and gives us some great advice on how we can all work together, to turn this growing problem around.

Listen to Journey To Success Interview with Trent here

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