Journey To Success Radio Interview with Christopher van der Hoff

For my Journey To Success (JTS) Radio show I had the pleasure of interviewing Christopher van der Hoff about Insanely Great Sales Keynotes.

JTS is a new BlogTalkRadio station. Our purpose is to interview people who are making a difference in the world. We will explore important aspects and areas of life including spiritual, physical, mental, relationships, disabilities, and many more topics.

Our hosts so far are:

Tracy Montgomery - author of 3 books on dating that have close to 20,000 downloads

Michael Collins - Author of Ushering in the Golden Age

Taylor Tagg - Founder and President of Sunrise Life Mastery Services and The Evolving Heart

Christopher van der Hoff

Christopher van der Hoff was once a "certified psychotic". In fact, over 30 years ago, Christopher was "involuntarily committed" to a mental institution, locked up and not permitted to leave for more than three and a half months.

Christopher credits his challenges with his mental illness for much of his success in sales. But salespeople don't have to be crazy to benefit from his insights.

Sales executives, meeting planners and speakers bureaus aren't crazy to put Christopher in front of what is the most demanding and jaded audience. Because sometimes, just sometimes, the one thing that can help the sales force break through to the next level may sound crazy, but really is the smartest thing you can do.

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Listen to Journey To Success Interview with Christopher here

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