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Judith Williamson's Be Your Very Best Always Seminar

Judith Williamson is the former Education Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation. She has taught Napoleon Hill's Success Principles to people around the world for more than 20 years.

She recently left the Foundation to start her own seminar company, Be Your Very Best Always.

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about judith williamson

Many of you are familiar with my friend and teacher, Judith Williamson’s work. Over the past three and a half decades she blazed a trail throughout the world like no other in the field of motivational education. Prior to her serving as the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Educational Director from 2000 to 2017, she taught the Principles of Success to a wide range of students, including; troubled youth, entrepreneurs, college students as well as prisoners in correctional facilities.

Once Judith accepted the position of Educational Director for the foundation she embarked on a mission to fulfill its goal of “making the world a better place in which to live”. The programs she developed were embraced by people, companies and organizations worldwide.  She is arguably, the world’s greatest authority on the most effective methods for teaching success principles.

An avid world traveler, Judith Williamson regularly paired workshops with specific destinations like, Rome, Ireland, Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, New Orleans, Sedona as well as international and domestic cruises. More than a reason to “get away”, these destinations were chosen specifically to enhance the experiential quality of the material she taught. Those of you who have had the opportunity to take part in one of her many workshops over the years understand the full power and effectiveness of her programs. 

Judith's published works include: How to Become a Mental Millionaire, Poems to Inspire You to Think and Grow Rich, Timeless Thoughts for Today, Fifty-Two Lessons for Life, Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind, Napoleon Hill’s Magic Seeds for Success, Napoleon Hill’s Daily Journal for Everyday Women, Napoleon Hill’s Daily Inspiration for Everyday Women, and Napoleon Hill: The Only Gold Standard. In total, her book titles include close to 40 works. She has contributed articles to Personal Development magazines, and was author of the weekly electronic ezine Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today for more than 10 years, which, at the time of her departure had nearly 40,000 subscribers. January 2017 began the11th consecutive year of this publication. She authored the yearly calendar published by the Foundation as well. She has presented at the American Society for Quality World Conferences in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Qualcom, a division of ASQ, in Brisbane, Australia.

At the end of June Judith resigned her position with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to pursue offering her own independent series of destination workshops and seminars. Her desire is to continue teaching and sharing her unique knowledge and gift for bringing out the very best in her students. The schedule for the remainder of 2017/2018 is announced and includes two domestic locations as well as two international venues. Don’t miss an opportunity to share, grow and learn. Or, if you’ve spent time with Judith in the past, be part of her new journey. Perhaps there is someone in your life that could benefit from such an experience – what an amazing gift of self-discovery and empowerment you could share with them. 

Recently, I was asked to submit a testimonial for Judith’s new project, this is what I had to say -

"Experiential learning is by far the best way to remember and learn anything. When you are laughing, crying, and sharing unique experiences, perspectives, and thoughts, they go deep into your soul and change you unlike any formal educational or learning setting ever can or will.

My friend, Judy Williamson, is the master of this form of teaching and learning. When Judy teaches you something, not only do you remember it, which is important, you also put it into action so that it changes your life for the better, permanently.

Judy changed my life through her teaching and she will change yours, I promise."

In short, Judith Williamson’s skill lies not only in teaching success philosophy, but her unique talent for seeing the potential in her students and encouraging them to recognize that within themselves and challenging them to realize their dreams and goals.  As Judith would encourage – “Be your very best Always”

For more information on her upcoming destination workshop series, visit her website at  You can also follow her on Facebook – as well as Instagram – beYourVeryBestAlways