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julienne burleson author of surviving camp inca

Julienne Burleson is a Speaker and Author of Surviving Camp Inca: A Life Changing Prison Experience. I interviewed her for Journey To Success Radio. It will air on BlogTalkRadio on Thursday, October 15th.

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about julienne burleson

Julienne Burleson is a registered reflexologist and owner of Holistic Sole Reflexology. She began her career in the healing arts after graduating from the Tennessee School of Beauty, working at Belezza Day Spa and the world-renowned Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia, as a therapist for many years. She is also an inspirational speaker for women’s groups, weekend retreats, and conferences across the country.

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When she was in her twenties, she was tricked into bringing back cocaine-filled artwork from Ecuador and wound up with a ten-year prison sentence there. “Camp Inca” was the main prison where she was incarcerated. In 1997, while in the Guayaquil prison, she was interviewed by the late Mike Wallace of the show 60 Minutes for the episode “Innocence Abroad.”

In 1995, Julienne Burleson is just a naive Southern California girl living a carefree life of fun in the sun. All of that changes, however, when an acquaintance invites her to Ecuador and asks her to bring back some artwork—artwork that, unbeknownst to Julienne, is filled with cocaine.

Thus begins Julienne’s multiyear ordeal in the Ecuadorian prison system.

Chronicling her harrowing journey in vivid detail, Julienne describes what life is like in a third world prison. Yet despite the cruel conditions, Julienne manages to find light, hope, and even forgiveness in the darkest of places.

How can some people live through such an experience without letting prison destroy their minds, while others crumble and are ruined for the rest of their lives? Find out in this inspiring memoir and discover how Julienne refuses to let this horrific experience define her.

Surviving Camp Inca: A Life-Changing Prison Experience is a heartrending story with a powerful message: no matter what you’ve been through in your life, it is possible to move past it and become a better person.

surviving camp inca reviews

“This is an amazing true story of a strong, courageous young woman whose life was turned upside down, to say the least. Wrongly accused of unknowingly transporting illegal drugs out of Ecuador to the U.S. she finds herself helpless in a country where she could not communicate because of a language barrier. I recommend this book to anyone to experience her strength & in the end – her faith to get her through those years of incarceration. I started reading it in an afternoon & hated to put it down but finished the next morning! ” - Sandie Moonie

“Julienne’s true story of a horrendous mis-justice of incarceration in Ecuador is a story of true courage, strength, determination, and faith. This is such a sad, but inspiring story that, after read, shows you that no matter how bad situations may seem, your faith and hope in the Lord always prevails. I read this book, cover to cover, in one day. I just could not put it down. This is a must read for sure! ” - Carrie Cook