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Kat Downey - Dispelling the myths about funeral preplanning

Kat Downey from Legacy Matters in Mississauga helps people preplan their funerals.

My mother is a retired United Church minister and has performed many funerals. I have heard her talk about the importance of funeral preplanning and the challenges and problems that can happen when a funeral is not preplanned.

I interviewed Kat for my Journey To Success Radio show. The show will air Wednesday, July 23rd at 1:00pm EST.

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In this interview we answered the following questions:

I thought Cremation was cheaper than burial?  Right?

How much is a funeral?

What do I have to do when someone dies?

How is my money protected if I prepay my funeral?

Do I have to have a casket if I am going to be cremated?

What happens if I died away from home?

About Kat Downey

Kat Downey has been a Licensed Funeral Director in Ontario, Canada since 1998. After seeing far too many families struggle and be embroiled in conflict after a loved one died, she decided to do something about it and developed the Executor's Companion Kit (see below).

Kat Downey can be reached at: 905-399-5341 or by email at

Have you ever wondered about how much fun funeral preplanning can actually be?  Our speaker today knows about the sense of accomplishment and peace of mind because since 1998 as a licensed Funeral Director 1000’s of people have shared their sense of relief with Kat.

Once you know more about funeral preplanning you will know how much a funeral actually costs and the emotional and financial benefits of preplanning.

And remember there is no better time than NOW to know more about funeral preplanning as it’s about taking charge when you can as death is an experience we all share.

The Executor’s Companion Kit

This kit is designed to a help people know what papers are important, why they need to have specific documents in place then how to organize these documents and information in an easy to use, portable, accessible filing system. I call it a Leaving a Loving Legacy because it’s all about helping your Executor/Trustee know what you have, where it is, and your wishes about what to do with “your stuff”…all in one place. The end result? An emotional calm and sense of control for you because you’ve made your wishes known and you’ve made it easier for your Executor to know what to do. It is also an emotional calm for your Executor…they will be so thankful that you left a Loving Legacy.

(workbook, filing system, and CD)

$149.00 Cdn plus $14.99 shipping plus HST

Both the workbook and the filing system have 12 sections. The first section of the workbook talks about the role of the executor and things you need to consider when choosing an Executor/Trustee. Sections 2 to 12 are about what information you need to collect for your Executor and why they’ll need it. You can complete the forms in the workbook by hand or use the CD to complete the forms online.

Peacehold Estate Documentation

Peacehold is the pioneer in after-care estate documentation. They assist in accurate and timely processing of necessary forms and documents, mximizing government and corporate benefits after the passing of a loved one.Cost: $495.00

  • Saves time and frustration in filling out paperwork
  • Cost effective. They complete many of the lawyer and accountant functions at a fraction of the cost.
  • Services conveniently provided over the phone.
  • For one fee, Peacehold estate documentation service is available for a full year.

Media Release For immediate release – July 29th, 2014 

To Die or Not to Die Isn’t the Question It’s How to Keep the Family From Killing Each Other!

Kat Downey is licensed Funeral Director, in the province of Ontario. She has been working with families who lose their loved ones for the past 16 years. Her job is to help the family through the trauma of losing a family member. With all of these years of experience she is determined to help make the process of dying easier for all involved.

Kat decided to upgrade her resume and add “Certified Executor Advisor” to her list of accomplishments. She was determined to find additional ways to do away with the mysteries attached to death. As she says about her role, “Sometimes, it’s all about finding ways to keep the family from killing each other.”  

She registered with the newly formed Canadian Institute of Certified Estate Advisors (CICEA). The curriculum includes an in-depth overview of the role, along with the formal responsibilities of an Executor. The list includes property ownership, valuation, protection and liquidation. This new designation allows Kat to help with all phases of estate planning, including life insurance and other assets, trusts and Estate probate and Estate Tax returns.

Kat completed her curriculum and successful received her designation this month. As a licensed Funeral Director she wants to assist executors before and after a death has occurred. It is her belief that proactive executors will want to know what they can do ahead of time to protect the value and intent of the estate.

Kat Downey often acts as an Executor for families that don’t want to be in that role themselves. She is an empathetic expert on funeral preplanning. She thrives on hearing peoples’ stories, learning how they have the courage to complete this part of estate planning.

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