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Kevin Kuch Strategy Global Founder on Journey To Success Radio

Kevin Kuch is the Founder of Strategy Global Inc, a high tech sales and consulting company in Waterloo, Ontario. I interviewed him for Journey To Success Radio.

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about kevin kuch

Kevin Kuch is a Husband, a Father and a Canadian Businessman, currently living in Waterloo, ON, Canada. 

He was born in the small town of Peterborough, ON, located about an hour and half north east of Toronto, ON.  Raised by loving parents and akin to an older brother and a younger sister, Kevin enjoyed growing up in a small town. 

Educated at Sir Sandford Fleming College in his hometown of Peterborough, where he spent three years and received a diploma in Electronics Engineering, specializing in Telecommunications. Kevin started his career at a small interconnect company in Peterborough and later moved to Waterloo Region in 1996 to continue growing in his career.

Kevin is still in the Telecom industry today and currently owns and operates a high tech Sales and Consulting business named Strategy Global Inc, located in Waterloo Region.  He Specializes in Unified Communications technologies as well as multi-site networking and structured cabling.

With business as Kevin’s every day focus, he likes to unwind by strumming a guitar and singing or getting out on the golf course for some fresh air and exercise.  Kevin has been playing the guitar for over twenty years and has been golfing for just as long.  Kevin’s always up for a great jam session or a challenging round of golf.

One of Kevin’s aspirations is to circle the world.  Since starting to travel in his mid-thirties with his wife Anmmarie, Kevin has caught the adventure bug and is determined to see the world.  Already having been to many islands such as Sint Maarten, Cuba, Jamaica and Dominican Republic, he has also been to several US states and once across the Atlantic to France.