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Kris Dim - IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Paralyzed

Kris Dim is an IFBB bodybuilder who was paralyzed after surgery to repair a heart stent. 

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His first national bodybuilding competition was the NPC (National Physique Committee) USA Championships, where he took 6th.

After many years of hard work, he finally got his "ProCard" after winning the overall light-heavyweight division in the NPC USA 2003. From there, he began his career as a professional bodybuilder and competed in his first IFBB Mr. Olympia competition in 2004, where he placed 12th.

His first Arnold Classic was in 2006, where he placed 14th, followed by his first Ironman Pro Invitational in the same year, where he placed 10th. He also competed in the Mr. Olympia Europe in 2009 where he placed 3rd overall after Ronnie Coleman who was 1st.

Kris has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding articles, the cover of FLEX Magazine and Muscular Development.

The troubles for Kris began back in 2007 when he suffered a massive heart attack, facing death at a very young age, when his inner aorta wall ruptured, causing massive, and almost fatal leaking of fluid and blood between the aorta walls. The aorta is of course the place in the human body that is under the highest level of pressure, so if there is a rupture you can be sure the incident is very, very serious indeed. In fact, normally when this rare and unfortunate incident happens, the person suffering the rupture dies relatively quickly. Quite amazingly however Kris Dim did survive, and recover to the extent that he was actually able to even compete once again. Unfortunately the heart attack incident back in 2007 was purely the beginning of medical troubles for Kris, and he has suffered on off issues since then. On Monday Kris went under the knife once more to repair a stent, and upon recovering from the operation he was informed of the damage to his spinal cord and warned he may never walk again.

Once again, this is extremely rare that one goes under the knife for this type of operation, and that they awaken with a terrible bad news of spinal injury and paralysis, however IFBB Pro and doctor, Victor Prisk, did actually confirm this to be factual and does happen from time to time though is rare….literally 12 out of 100 000 patients. So it is indeed bad luck.

Despite the low odds of Kris Dim ever walking again, we are faced with an amazing individual who has a determined and fighting nature to win, and even if the chances are slim, it is always a chance. The following excerpt has been taken from the following website where you can read more about the sad story. We wish Kris and his family all of the best wishes through this difficult time.

“I 100% believe that I will be walking again. I have feeling back in my legs, and I can move my knees and toes.”